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Present PAl

Present Pal is a presentation support software which enables users to deliver a more confident and prepared presentation.

Being fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, users can access their notes whilst also seamlessly controlling their PowerPoint at the same time – all from one device!

Whilst Present Pal is especially useful for those with dyslexia, it is also proven to be extremely helpful for all presenters by reducing visual stress and providing the safety net of a “Pop-Up Bubble” where users can store additional information.

The Problem

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In University, 93% of students need to present. Through research, we have discovered that a staggering 75% of students suffer from anxiety when presenting leading to higher drop out rates. This is a huge issue. 

In the UK alone, it is estimated that up to 1 in every 10 people have some form of dyslexia. Those with dyslexia often struggle with presentations which can lead to presentations being avoided. 

In the workplace, sickness through anxiety equates to 11.7 million working days lost per year. A significant contributor to this rise in anxiety is presenting. 

Present Pal for Individual Use

University Student

  • Improves university performance
  • Enhanced confidence when presenting
  • Only DSA approved product that assists when presenting
  • Can control presentations from smart phone or tablet


  • Reduce workplace anxiety
  • Enhanced confidence when presenting
  • Increased workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Fully integrated with PowerPoint 

Present Pal for Business 

DSA Reseller

  • The only DSA approved product to support presenting
  • Fully integrated with PowerPoint
  • Reduces student anxiety
  • Proven demand from students and universities

Corporate Business 

  • Improves employee wellbeing and satisfaction
  • Supports staff retention
  • Increases efficiency in the workplace 
  • Reduces workplace anxiety experienced during presentations

University Disability Departments 

  • Increases staff and student well-being
  • Improves performance of students and staff
  • Increases student retention rates 
  • Reduces drop out rates