Present Pal

Product Description

Present Pal is a presentation support software which enables users to deliver a more confident and prepared presentation. With an array of dyslexia-friendly features, Present Pal helps users with learning differences to enhance their presenting and communication skills.

Download the App on your smartphone or tablet!


  • Interactive flashcards on your smartphone/tablet
  • Magnified scroll to emphasise current points
  • Personalised colour overlays and dyslexia fonts
  • Extra information and images stored in pop up bubbles
  • Time yourself with the presentation stopwatch
  • Connect to and control PowerPoint presentations


Monthly Subscription; 30 days FREE then £4.99/month

Annual Subscription; £3.49/month

Lifetime Subscription: £115


Present Pal connects to Microsoft PowerPoint to enable you to control presentations and to be given useful speaker notes and reminders along the way. It’s very customisable in terms of colours and fonts, with obvious applications for Dyslexic users. For anybody who needs assistance in delivering presentations, Present Pal could be a valuable addition! ****
— Richard Tubb, Google Play Store
Present Pal addresses so many of the anxieties I hear from students when it comes to presenting. It combines recommended techniques such as the use of cue cards, with visual adjustments such as screen tinting and font choice together with easy-to-use presentation control. Its roots may lie with DSA but this is a universally useful solution for anyone who needs to present.
— Adam Tweed, DSA Needs Assessor
I think Present Pal is a fantastic app to use to help reduce anxiety and build confidence when giving presentations and talks. Whilst reading your speech, the app magnifies the bullet point your currently on, assisting you to ensure you don’t get lost, and with the different background colours and fonts available, you can personalise the app to suit your own needs. Incredible use of technology to help you when you need it most.
— Kay Young, Mindfulness Expert
I have recommended Present Pal for students with an SPLD and anxiety-based condition. The ability to break down their notes into easy to see/read sections helps greatly with poor working memory or when they are anxious. In addition, I have used this app myself when presenting.
— Oliver Lewis, Oxford