Improve your public speaking with Present Pal - the presentation software which is putting an end to stage fright

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Present Pal is a presentation support software which acts like a set of interactive flashcards on your smartphone or tablet, integrating fully with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Present Pal has various expert advised features such as 3-5 bullet points per flashcard, line focus scrolling and pop up bubbles which have been tailored to the needs of individuals with SpLDs and mental health issues. Users can also personalise Present Pal to suit their individual needs by choosing from scientifically proven colour overlays and accessible fonts to reduce visual stress whilst presenting.

Present Pal Features

  • 3-5 bullet points to exaggerate key trigger words

  • Line focus scrolling for enhanced readability

  • Pop up bubbles to support the working memory

  • Stopwatch to improve time management

  • Colour overlays to eliminate visual stress

  • PowerPoint integration to control slides seamlessly

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Needs Assessors & AT Trainers

GIF: Are you a needs assessor?

GIF: Are you a needs assessor?

Have you assessed students with a public speaking fear?

Present Pal has been approved by the Disabled Students’ Allowances and Access to Work to support and enhance individuals’ presentation skills. Present Pal has been recommended for students with an array of disabilities and mental health issues, including: ADHD, anxiety, autism, dysgraphia, dyslexia and physical impairments.

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Present Pal addresses so many of the anxieties I hear from students when it comes to presenting. It combines recommended techniques such as the use of cue cards, with visual adjustments such as screen tinting and font choice together with easy-to-use presentation control. Its roots may lie with DSA but this is a universally useful solution for anyone who needs to present.
— Adam Tweed, DSA Needs Assessor
I love the new App!! It’s been such a god send for my presentations at uni! And it’s been so fun to use. You’ve done a fantastic job to design something that’s so wonderful and easy to use for dyslexic students like myself...Also during my presentation I felt more confident than I ever had before.
— Emily, student with dyslexia
I have recommended Present Pal for students with an SPLD and anxiety-based condition. The ability to break down their notes into easy to see/read sections helps greatly with poor working memory or when they are anxious. In addition, I have used this app myself when presenting
— Oliver Lewis, University of Oxford
I am very impressed with this software. The discreet safety-net of the pop-up bubbles, and the simplified interface, will support students to deliver presentations with greater confidence and independence.
— Jeffrey Dale, DSA Needs Assessor