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Presentations are an increasingly common assessment method in higher education, with 93% of students having to present as part of their course. Presenting in front of a room filled with your peers can be an extremely daunting task, yet it is a key skill which you’ll need to grasp as a student.

This is why we created Present Pal - to allow users to deliver a more confident and prepared presentation through interactive flashcards on your smartphone/tablet with dyslexia-friendly features.

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Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA)

Present Pal has been approved by the Disabled Students’ Allowances and is available for free to UK students with disabilities.

The Disabled Students’ Allowances is a UK grant which supplies students with disabilities, long-term illnesses and mental health problems with a variety of assistance during their time at college or university.

The DSA grant covers:

  • specialist equipment and assistive technology

  • non-medical helpers

  • extra travel because of your disability

  • and other disability-related costs of studying

The process involves proving your eligibility for student finance, applying online for student finance, receiving approval and organising a needs assessor appointment and meeting with a needs assessor to finalise your requirements.

Use the online eligibility checker to see if you are eligible to claim DSA!

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Not eligible for DSA?

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