Key Bullet Points

Key Bullet Points.png


Present Pal displays no more than 3-5 key bullet points on the screen at once. 

This is the suggested optimum level of detail per page for someone who is dyslexic. Any more can overload the poor working memory leading to increased anxiety and failure to deliver words as intended.

"The bullet points were small and easy to keep tabs of."  - Tayler, dyslexic student

Pop up Bubbles


Pop Up Bubbles: Pop up bubbles act as a safety net to store extra key information and images that the presenter may otherwise have forgotten.

This gives the presenter more confidence by reducing the anxiety experienced when relying exclusively on working memory. 

"It is easy to use, the speech bubbles for additional information are very useful." - Rachel, dyslexic student

Pop ups.png


Magnified Scroll.png


Present Pal guides users through their presentation with the current bullet point appearing significantly larger than the others around it. 

This allows the presenter to look up and engage with the audience without the fear of losing their place. 

"It keeps you on track so that you're not all over the place!" - Emma, student 



Present Pal can be personalised to reduce the visual stress of users.

  • A choice of 11 colour overlays
  • A choice of 8 fonts 
  • An option to reduce or enlarge font face
  • An option to enable or disable the presentation stopwatch 

An example of the user's preferences will display at the bottom of the screen to help them decide which options give them the least visual stress. 

"Present Pal helps makes notes more legible...very simple and effective way of displaying info" - James, student 


PowerPoint integration


Present Pal has the ability to link with the user's desktop through a mobile hotspot to retrieve existing PowerPoint files. This link allows PowerPoint content to be transferred across to the user's smartphone or tablet.

The user can then edit their notes on Present Pal, such as adding pop up bubbles. 

Present Pal's integration with PowerPoint also allows the user to fully control their slides, alike a clicker. This means there is no need for additional slide changing remote controls which can increase anxiety.