Needs Assessors

Present Pal has been approved for the UK’s Disabled Students Allowance and Access to Work. Present Pal offers free lifetime copies of the presentation software to all needs assessors and disability officers. Please request a copy using the form below.

Present Pal is commonly recommended to individuals with dyslexia, anxiety and those who fear public speaking.


Present Pal Free Webinars and Training

Present Pal has an array of dyslexia-friendly features to support users with SpLDs and enhance their presentation skills.

The Present Pal team offers 1-2-1 CPD training sessions and weekly group webinars via Zoom. Please choose an appointment below with one of our Present Pal trainers. All participants will receive a FREE copy of Present Pal.



Estendio Student Research Results 2018

Conducted with 180 University of Glasgow students


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