Mission Statement

Our Mission

“Cultivating human potential through accessible technologies”


Our Values


At Estendio, we’re all about addressing your pain points through simple solutions. We recognise that everyone is unique and has a different experience with learning differences and disabilities. We’re not here to fit everyone into categories - we’re here to ensure that our enabling technologies are designed with you in mind.


You can’t think outside the box when you’re inside a box”. This mantra applies physically and mentally to us at Estendio. Feeling unproductive in your office space? Change up your environment! Feeling out of place in your role? Change up your tasks to suit your strengths! We love our flexible work approach and we aspire to maintain this as our company grows, because being #agile is crucial to the Estendio culture.


Our team of passionate, aspiring individuals are engrossed in achieving our company’s visions for international growth. But we’re not just here to grow the company, we’re here to become the best versions of ourselves. Personal development is paramount at Estendio.


Everything we do reflects our story - from our cheery branding right down to hanging pictures of animals in dresses on the office walls (we’ll explain that another day). We plan to stay true to the reason why we’re here at Estendio in the first place - and that’s to ensure that our values drive our mission to ‘cultivate human potential through accessible technologies’.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To level the playing field and ensure that everyone feels confident using our accessible technologies
To create a suite of leading edge technologies in response to neurodiverse needs and digital trends
To work towards Present Pal becoming the number 1 presentation aid globally
(in multiple languages)