PRESENTations can be a challenge

Importance of presentations 

Overwhelming stats on struggling presenters... 

We recently published an insightful blog post about dreaded presentations and how the majority of people struggle with the skills needed to present with confidence. 

"Over 75% of the population feel anxious when presenting their work to others, with 86% of individuals with dyslexia feeling the same.
It will then come as a surprise to know that despite having creative learning techniques designed to boost literacy skills, there is little support for..." Read More

We know how easy it is to forget something when preparing to present, so our team created this handy Presentation Checklist free to download and use however you want! Now you can be sure that you're ticking all the right boxes. 

the solution?

Present Pal is the only assistive software, fully integrated with PowerPoint, which allows students to fulfil their full potential when presenting. It is designed to be very clear to read and navigate with colours and words which reduce visual stress. It embraces all students who have difficulty presenting or who simply want to enhance their confidence and productivity. Present Pal allows PowerPoint to be controlled from a tablet or smart phone by connecting via a mobile hotspot. It is proven to support everyone, especially those with dyslexia, anxiety or other specific learning differences. 


We believe that no student should suffer anxiety when presenting and all students should be on a level playing field when it comes to presenting. This is exactly what Present Pal offers; through its innovative and forward thinking technology. Present Pal enables all students to reach their full potential by increasing confidence and boosting productivity.  

Check out the key features of the Present Pal App and conquer your fears of presentations once and for all. 

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If you want to improve your presentation delivery and finally feel confident to present in front of your peers - claim your free trial and explore the possibilities with Present Pal.