Present Pal Overview

Present Pal is the only assistive software, fully integrated with PowerPoint, which allows professional workers to fulfil their full potential when presenting. It is designed to be very clear to read and navigate with colours and words which reduce visual stress. It can be utilised by all employees within the workplace who have difficulty presenting or who simply want to enhance their confidence and efficiency. Present Pal allows PowerPoint to be controlled from a tablet or smart phone using a mobile hotspot. It is proven to support everyone, especially those with dyslexia, anxiety or other specific learning differences.

Why Present Pal?

At Estendio, it is a shared opinion that no employee in any business should suffer anxiety when presenting and all workers should be on a level playing field when it comes to presenting. This is exactly what Present Pal offers; through its innovative and forward thinking technology. Present Pal enables all workers to reach their full potential by increasing confidence and boosting productivity so that targets can be reached. 

Present Pal. The assistive presentation software you have been waiting for.