Present Pal is a scientifically proven presentation support App which enables users to deliver a more confident and prepared presentation.

Being fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, users can access their notes whilst also seamlessly controlling their PowerPoint at the same time – all from one device!

Whilst Present Pal is especially useful for those with dyslexia, it is also proven to be extremely helpful for all presenters by reducing visual stress and providing the safety net of a “Pop-Up Bubble” where users can store additional information.


Payment Terms

Payments should be made within 30 days of the purchase date. 


Present Pal Early Adopter Sales

"Present Pal Early Adopter Sales" are sold at a strongly discounted price because the product is still in development.
Customers should be aware that this discounted price means that Present Pal is not fully finished and commercially ready.

As a result of this - all future upgrades or future releases can be downloaded for free throughout the duration of your licence.


One User Per Licence

Present Pal users are not allowed to share / let others onto their account by sharing there email and authentication code.
This could result in a warning. Persistent misuse of their licence could result in a ban from Present Pal.



Estendio will not be liable for any potential poor grade resulting from the performance given, should the users presentation not perform well. Whilst Present Pal has been proven to work consistently and increase grades, we will not be liable if the App stops working effectively during a presentation or if the presenter does not perform well. 


PowerPoint Integration

Estendio will not be liable for the failure of Present Pal connecting to PowerPoint due to wifi or port connectivity problems.
PowerPoint integration is contingent on a working network environment.  


Reseller Commission

Resellers will only be entitled to commission when sales / orders are placed to Estendio from the reseller directly.
E.g. Resellers will not be eligible to claim any margin / commission of a sale made directly from an IFE or organisation to Estendio.

For commission / margin to be made, a purchase order must be placed by the reseller to Estendio who will then deliver the relevant licences to the resellers customers.