Which features are included in the free trial?

You will be able to access the full features of Present Pal during your free 30 day trial.

To continue your Present Pal journey after the free trial, you can purchase a subscription at

How do I pay for a subscription?

To purchase a subscription, you can pay online at

Money will then be credited from your account automatically every month or year depending on your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Why do I need to provide card details for the free trial?

Once the trial comes to an end, you will automatically be charged for a monthly subscription at £4.99 per month. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you cancel your subscription before the trial comes to an end, you will not be charged.

Setting Up

Why is my email not being recognised?

Make sure to check you are using the same email you registered with! If this still isn’t working, contact us at

What if my access code does not work?

Check you are using the correct email which is associated with your access code. If it is still not working get in touch at

What if I do not have a licence?

If you do not have a license then you can purchase one from our website! Go to to find out more.

Can I use this account on more than one phone or tablet?

You can only use Present Pal on one device at any time.

How do I find my licence details?

On the home screen, click the icon next to your name. Here you can find all of your licence details, reset settings to default and logout of Present Pal.

PowerPoint Integration

How do I connect my Present Pal app to PowerPoint?

To find out how to connect to PowerPoint, we recommend watching our PowerPoint tutorial.

Can I edit imported PowerPoint Notes?

Yes. You can edit any of the content such as changing bullet points and adding pop up bubbles. This will not affect the PowerPoint presentation the audience will see.

Will PowerPoint integration work on an open WiFi?

We recommend using a hotspot as public WiFis can be unreliable.

How do I know if a presentation is a Present Pal file or PowerPoint file?

In the Presentations library, Present Pal files will be marked with a little icon with ‘PP’ in it. PowerPoint files will have ‘PPTX’.

Why won’t my PowerPoint integration work?

PowerPoint integration will not work when using an open WiFi, you should try using a hotspot when in a public area. If you are using a hotspot and integration is still not working, contact us at

Will a hotspot use my data?

Using a hotspot to connect and present with PowerPoint will not use any data.

What should I do if I have no signal when using a hotspot?

If you have no sinal, your hotspot will still work. The hotspot is creating a local network and does not rely on having signal to work.

Can I use PowerPoint integration on a Mac?

Yes, although you will have to download and run a virtual Windows machine such as Parallels. This will then allow you to get the Present Pal Link and start importing PowerPoint presentations to the app. You can get parallels here.

This feature will soon be available on Mac without the use of Parallels.


How do I know which colour overlay is best for me?

Present Pal's 'Personalise' tab offers the choice of 11 overlay colours. Choose which ever colour gives the least visual stress.

Can I use custom fonts?

Present Pal offers the choice of 8 fonts. You should select the one you find most easiest to read.

How do I know what my text will look like?

In 'Personalise', there is a preview of what your text will look like. This preview will show you your background colour, font type and font size.

Present Mode

What is a pop up bubble?

Pop up bubbles act as a safety net allowing you to store extra information. Only you can see these and it will not change what your audience sees when connected to PowerPoint.

How do I open My pop up Bubble?

You can either click on the pop up bubble button or you can click on the bullet point itself. To close the pop up bubble, just click anywhere on the screen.

How many bullet points should I have per slide?

We suggest you should use between 3-5 one each slide. This is the optimum number and should not overload your working memory!

Can I have more than 5 bullet points per slide?

Yes you can! You can choose to have 3, 5, 7 or 9 bullet points per slide. To change this, click the icon next to your name on the home screen.

When presenting with PowerPoint, can the audience see my notes?

No, the audience can only see the PowerPoint presentation. You can open and close pop ups and your audience won’t know!

Can I turn the presentation stopwatch off?

If you do not want to use the timer, go to ‘Personalise’ and open the slideshow tab. There will be a slider allowing you to enable and disable the presentation stopwatch.