Present Pal Overview

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Present Pal is the only DSA Approved Assistive Software, fully integrated with PowerPoint, which enables students to achieve their full potential by providing support with presenting skills. It is set up to be clear to read and navigate with colours and words designed to reduce visual stress. It embraces all students who have difficulty presenting or who simply want to enhance their confidence and productivity. Present Pal allows students to control their PowerPoint from a tablet or smart phone, conencting via a mobile hotspot. It is proven to support everyone, especially those with dyslexia, anxiety or other specific learning differences.

Why Present Pal?

Present Pal is a new DSA approved product that is already in demand from both universities and students. A great addition to your range of products and revenue stream; it is the only software that provides support with presenting skills. Keep up-to-date with cutting edge technology that is unique, affordable and has proven reliability.

Present Pal. The technology dyslexic students have been waiting for.

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