Present Pal Corporate


Are you a professional who has to present on a regular basis to your colleagues? Present Pal can help you to deliver presentations, team meetings and reviews with confidence.   

Not only does Present Pal allow you to create interactive flashcards, the Microsoft PowerPoint integration will allow your smartphone / tablet to act as a clicker. 

Present Pal also offers corporate licences to businesses. If you're interested in creating a licence for all of your employees to access, please get in touch with us at

I think Present Pal is a fantastic app to use to help reduce anxiety and build confidence when giving presentations and talks. Whilst reading your speech, the App magnifies the bullet point you’re currently on, assisting you to ensure you don’t get lost, and with the different background colours and fonts available, you can personalise the App to suit your own needs. Incredible use of technology to help you when you need it most.
— Kay Young, Psychology Expert